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Alexandra Divinsky, N.P.

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Weight loss, pregnancy, and genetics can all contribute to stretch marks — a common cosmetic problem that can be hard to fix. Luckily, laser procedures can offer what over-the-counter creams or lotions can’t, which is permanent, visible results. To achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of, visit Alexandra Divinsky at WWFM Center. With a wide range of cosmetic treatments, the practice helps women in West LA, Los Angeles reduce stretch marks and feel more confident in their bodies.

Stretch Marks Q & A

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are light-colored, indented lines that develop on the surface of the skin after pregnancy or from aging or significant weight loss or weight gain. They often show up on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, or breasts. Stretch marks, which are also called striae, aren’t a medical concern, but many patients don’t like the way they look.


What causes stretch marks?

Any time the skin significantly stretches or expands, you run the risk of developing stretch marks. Accordingly, they are common on the abdomen after pregnancy, or on areas of the body that have shrunk due to weight loss, like the breasts or the thighs. You might also be more prone to stretch marks if you have a family history of the condition, or if you’re using corticosteroid medications.

Certain conditions, like Marfan syndrome — a genetic disorder that affects connective tissue — can also increase your risk of developing stretch marks.


How are stretch marks treated?

At WWFM Center, our team uses the 1540 ICON™ laser to help patients eliminate or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This fractional laser helps to resurface the skin and deeply penetrate areas that have been damaged or scarred. The targeted heat from the laser is able to stimulate the growth of new elastic and collagen, which gives the skin a more taut, smooth appearance and fades stretch marks in the process.

Each patient is unique, but many times you’ll need more than one laser session to achieve your desired results. In some cases, a combination of different cosmetic treatment methods is the best route to take for reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


What can I expect after stretch marks treatment?

Once you achieve the skin you want, our team at WWFM can make sure that stretch marks don’t return and can enhance your results with other treatments. It may not be possible to completely prevent stretch marks, but you can reduce the likelihood by maintaining a steady weight and taking care of your skin.

To schedule a personalized consultation about stretch marks treatment with WWFM Center, book online using the one-click appointment system, or call the office today to speak with a friendly team member.