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Alexandra Divinsky, N.P.

Nurse Practitioner & Aesthetician located in West LA, Los Angeles, CA

Acne is bad enough, but the scars left behind can last a lifetime. For a treatment that’s effective against even the most stubborn, deep scars, visit nurse practitioner and aesthetician Alexandra Divinsky at WWFM Center. Serving patients in West LA, Los Angeles, the practice offers laser-based treatments for acne scars and other common cosmetic concerns. Get your dream skin by calling the office today or booking a personalized consultation online.

Acne Scar Treatment Q & A

What causes acne scars?

Acne can affect both the young and the old, but the scars may stay for years after your skin is acne-free. Acne scars develop when a pimple erupts and leaves behind damaged, inflamed tissue. As a response to healing this tissue, the body attempts to create collagen. When too little collagen is produced, you’re left with depressed, or “ice-pick” scars. When too much collagen is produced, you can develop raised scars or bumps. Acne scars can take many shapes and forms, and they can also change shape or size with sun exposure, aging, or the moisture content of your skin.


How are acne scars treated?

Acne scars are difficult to treat with over-the-counter creams or topical solutions, as it’s necessary to penetrate the deeper layers of skin to heal the scars. At WWFM Center, our team uses the 1540 ICON™ laser, a fractional laser that can address a wide range of skin problems.

Laser therapy for acne scars uses the power of short pulses of light to penetrate the skin’s sublayers and support structure. As a result of the laser stimulation, the skin naturally starts to produce more collagen and eliminate damaged tissue. Over time, the skin rebuilds itself and gains a more even, filled-in, and smooth appearance.

This type of laser resurfacing can simultaneously address fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, so you’re left with a beautiful, fresh-looking face.

What results can I expect with acne scar treatment?

The process of building new collagen and elastin can take weeks or months, depending on your skin type. The full results of laser treatment for acne scars are usually evident after several sessions. However, some patients will notice faster results and improved skin appearance. Usually, treatments are spaced several weeks apart to give your skin time to repair and rebuild in between each session.

Our team at WWFM Center can also recommend other procedures that complement acne scar treatment and give you more dramatic results. To protect your skin from further scarring or damage, it's important to maintain good skin care habits, eat a balanced diet, and stay hydrated.

If you’d like to start an acne scar treatment plan today, book a personalized consultation online or call WWFM Center today to speak with a skincare specialist.